TomatKG shows dynamic development and increases its production volumes

Административный корпус TomatKG

In 2017, TomatKG Company built a new administration and amenity building next to its production facility.

производство - tomatkg

This modern building houses a product control laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with all necessary equipment.

Лаборатория TomatKG

Лаборатория TomatKG

The design for the building was developed to meet all the requirements of HACCP – an international standard for the control of food production, which has become synonymous with food safety. In addition, the receiving bunkers were expanded at the factory and a new collection point for raw materials was equipped. This will allow us to accept a larger volume of raw materials for processing and, therefore, increase production volume. Premium quality tomato paste Brix 36-38%.

Бункер TomatKG


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