Product characteristics

Product: Tomato paste of 36-38%
 Country of origin: Kyrgyzstan
 (warehouse in Kyrgyzstan; Chuy Region. Krasnaya rechka village; Tomat KG company) 

Organoleptic characteristics of tomato paste

Appearance and consistency: Homogeneous concentrated mass of smearing consistency, without dark inclusions, without residues of peel, seeds and other rough parts of the fruit.

Aroma and taste: Typical for the concentrated tomato mass, without bitterness, burn and other extraneous taste and aroma.

Packaging and Transportation

Packaging: Aseptic packaging (packaged in metal barrels, about 225 kg in 1 barrel (± 3 kg).

Transportation: Barrels are placed on wooden pallets, 4 pcs. on each pallet, and wrapped with a nylon film to protect against dust and foreign matter during transportation.

Storage life: 24 months (under normal conditions).

Physical and chemical features

Brix 36-38%
Acidity 2-3%
PH 4,1-4,3
Color 2(А.В.)
Viscosity 6-8(B.W.)
Mold content
 acc. to Howard method <10%
Ash content <0,3 mg/kg
 plumbum <0,1 mg/kg
 cadmium < 0,01 mg/kg
 arsenicum <0,05   mg/kg
 mercury   <0,004    mg/kg

The product conforms with the requirements of GOST 3343-89 “Concentrated tomato foods” and ТР ТС 021-2001 “On Food Products Safety”

Other characteristics

  • Dye-free
  • Starch- and flavoring-free
  • Salt-free
  • GMO Free